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Paralegal position in Paris, France

de IFLT31   le Mer 31 Mai 2017 20:32

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Hi to everyone,
I was wondering if anybody could give me some advice on the paralegal position in France. I have lived in Paris previously for 3 years and have worked in legal administrative positions. I really would like to develop my career as a paralegal and am weighing up my options between France and the UK. Would anybody be able to tell me about how to become a paralegal in France? I know people who have started as legal assistants and then progressed to paralegal positions, however I am aware that this has taken more than a few years. Is there any qualifications that I can take to find a paralegal job in Paris? I have not studied law, I have studied languages (4 year degree in the UK) but I would be willing and I am quite eager to take further qualifications in law; however I do not want to go back to studying at university full-time – as I do not have the financial resources and because at 27, I feel like the time has passed for this. I have also looked into doing an English law qualification part-time and online and wondered if an English law qualification would be looked upon favourably in France?
Would anybody be able to tell me about their experiences becoming a paralegal in Paris and in particular; what qualifications they have and what their daily tasks entail?
Many thanks!!

   Re: Paralegal position in Paris, France

de LaForceMajeure   le Jeu 01 Juin 2017 11:46

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I don't think that there are any mandatory requirements (such as a specific degree) for being qualified as a paralegal in France.

Most of the paralegals I've worked with have first gained experience as an assistant in legal departments, and have slowly gained more independance in dealing with some legal matters (the drafting of simple agreements like non-disclosure agreements, transfer of material on a free of charge basis, etc. based on templates), dealing with some trademarks-related matters, and delegation of powers, etc.) but it has indeed taken them many years to get to this position.

However, by looking at the job offers for paralegal positions, the qualifications that are most often requested seem to be:
-a bachelor's degree in law
-a 4/5 years' degree in any field + similar experience
-a degree in law + a degree in legal assistantship

All in all, I think that with your experience in legal administrative position + being bilingual, completed by having a degree in law (either French or English law - French organism CNED offers an online bachelors degree formation in law by the way), you shouldn't have too much trouble finding a position as a paralegal.

I hope that the info provided helps you a little. I'm not a paralegal myself so my knowledge on the matter is a little vague, sorry for that! :D

Best regards,


   Re: Paralegal position in Paris, France

de IFLT31   le Ven 29 Déc 2017 16:35

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Many, many thanks for your reply LFM. I had not seen that anybody had replied.
Best wishes,

   Re: Paralegal position in Paris, France

de Albert   le Ven 11 Mai 2018 21:55

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I have read your post and agree with the reply.

I am myself looking for a paralegal and would say that the required qualities are as follows.
1/ Rigour;
2/Excellent command of relevant languages;
3/Real interest for research;
5/ Good communication skills;
6/ Patience;
7/ Energy.

In terms of qualifications a basic degree in law should suffice although experience is more relevant in my view.

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